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  • LLMs with 'Private Training' - Part 1: The Business

LLMs with 'Private Training' - Part 1: The Business

How does privately trained AI systems help businesses and individuals?


Part 1: The Business

This is part 1 of a 2-part series. Here we discuss the business aspects of privately trained LLMs.

Part 2: The tech

Part 2 discusses the technological aspects of building a privately trained LLM. Click to read »

What are LLMs with ‘private training’?

LLMs, or large language models, are versatile systems that can be applied to a wide range of tasks. They have the capability to be trained for specific use cases or with specific private data.

By fine-tuning LLMs with domain-specific data or training them on private datasets, they can be tailored to meet specific requirements and provide more accurate and contextually relevant outputs.

Finetuning an LLM

Large Language Models (LLMs) such as GPT-3 or GPT-4, initially trained on diverse internet text, possess a broad base of generalised knowledge. However, they might not excel in specific domains or tasks straight out of the box.

That's where fine-tuning comes in. This process involves further training these models on a specialised, smaller and task-specific dataset to adapt them to specific applications.

For instance, a medical chatbot might be fine-tuned on medical literature to answer health-related queries accurately. Through fine-tuning, LLMs can generate more relevant, precise, and context-appropriate responses, thereby improving their performance significantly in targeted use cases.

The Use cases of ‘Private Training’ of LLMs

The McKinsey report on the Economic Impact of LLMs beautifully portrays the use cases in a high-level abstraction. Seeing them through two lenses - ‘Organisational use cases and ‘Labor productivity use cases

Source: McKinsey and Company

Let’s look at the use cases through a different lens!

How can organisations leverage or build AI solutions by ‘private training’?

  1. Privately trained LLM as a product

  2. Privately trained LLM for external interactions

  3. Privately trained LLM for employee productivity

1. Privately trained LLM as a product

Imagine organisations with massive amounts of data and proprietary information built over a period of time.

  • A consulting company like McKinsey with all the research data it has.

  • A media company like Times with all the historic information it has

  • A data company like Epsilon with all the demographic data it has

  • A university like Stanford with all the knowledge it has in its systems

All these companies could leverage the power of their private data and expose it to the world in highly useful ways. Let’s look at a few different ways!

1.1 A financial intelligence platform

Bloomberg was an early mover when it announced BloombergGPT to collate and expose rich information about the financial markets. Shortly, we will see many new models coming out and exposing proprietary information in the form of intelligence.

1.2 Stanford Trained AI Agent!

What if the best universities in the world decide to launch an array of agents (a financial analyst, a philosophy major, a marketing guru, a game theory expert…). Agents trained with the vast array of information from their lectures, notes, case studies and research papers created over the past!

Would companies hire these agents?

1.3 Wikipedia as a personal friend

Imagine Wikipedia available to you over a simple voice command or a chat. An agent who understands your context and gets you the information you need from Wikipedia, the way you need it!

2. Use privately trained LLM for external interactions

Sales, marketing, customer support, and PR are all teams that interact with the external world every day! There is immense potential for organisations to adopt AI for interactions and for companies to build these tools for organisations.

2.1 Customer Self-Service

A customer chats with a smart chatbot. This chatbot quickly gives clear, custom answers to tough questions. It helps keep the brand's message the same, no matter the customer's language or where they are. This means anyone, anywhere can have a good experience with the brand.

2.2 Virtual Sales Representatives

Picture a virtual sales agent in your business, powered by AI, ready to assist at any moment. An agent that understands your customers, providing personalised advice and solutions swiftly!

It's like having a tireless salesperson, boosting your sales round-the-clock, enhancing customer satisfaction the way your business requires it!

With private training, ensure that the agent always has all the needed information about the company and its products. never hallucinates and always follows set procedures.

2.3 Customer Communication Generators

Envision AI-powered Customer Communication Generators in your enterprise. Tools that craft messages fitting your customers' needs, exactly when they need them. Could be used in sales emails, marketing messages, blogs, ad copies and more!

But can’t ChatGPT do this already? Not as good as an AI agent trained with a company’s internal information. Writing styles, target persona, product information and more will unlock the real power of AI!

2.4 Personalisation of communication

Picture AI enhancing the personalisation of customer communication in your enterprise. It's as if each message is tailor-made, understanding your customer's context, and delivering what they need in a style that resonates with them! A personal touch in every interaction, ensuring your customers feel seen and heard, exactly as you intend!

3. Use privately trained LLM for workforce productivity

Probably the biggest arena of change, this is where the maximum number of use cases unlock, for the good!

It is estimated that across all of the knowledge work, AI can improve workforce productivity by 30%. Going all the way up to 60% for software development and testing!

3.1 Writing Assistants who know the company!

Picture an AI-powered Writing Assistant, intimate with your company's specifics, aiding employees and boosting productivity. It's like having a knowledgeable colleague who uses internal data to understand the company's context, offering you the right advice in your work, exactly how you need it.

A private, smart assistant enhancing efficiency while respecting company data privacy, just as you would expect!

3.2 Training and self-improvement agents for the Workforce

Imagine AI-powered training agents, customised for your workforce, enhancing employee skills and productivity. Just think of an intelligent mentor that uses your company's internal data to provide personalised training, exactly when you need it.

A continuous self-improvement system, respecting data privacy while evolving with your company's needs.

3.3 Planning, Brainstorming and Strategy

Envision AI agents assisting in planning, brainstorming, and strategy, enhancing employee productivity. It's like having a smart teammate that leverages your company's internal data to provide informed suggestions exactly when you need them.

A strategy partner, fostering creativity and precision, while ensuring data privacy - just the support business needs!

3.4 Research and Documentation

Picture AI-powered research and documentation agents, seamlessly aiding your employees and boosting productivity. Think of a diligent assistant that taps into your company's internal data to provide precise research and documentation, exactly when and how you need it.

A reliable partner ensuring data privacy while enhancing research efficiency - precisely what you envisaged!


In all three verticals, use cases are surging! Everything connects to one single improvement


Referring back to the McKinsey study on the economic impact of generative AI, here is the trend of how human productivity has been contributing to GDP growth over the last 5 decades.

Source: McKinsey and Company

Improvements in human productivity are the biggest reason for progress in our world. AI and AI-powered products are simply going to accelerate this to a level we have not witnessed before! Many fold bigger than the industrial revolution!

Of course, this article just scratched the surface when it comes to the potential of the many applications you can build! Check out the below article for more ideas!