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Education is changing forever in the AI world

Education is changing forever!

The app we have been building for the last two years feels so inferior that I do not feel confident to pitch it to anyone!

Here are two pictures — On the left is a picture of our original app — The Totto Parents App. 📱 On the right is our newly launched Whatsapp AI Assistant for parents — Janani. 👩‍⚖️

Janani is far superior a product than our previous video-based learning system.

🌟 The best form of education is conversations. 🌟

> Go back to ancient times — Education was not structured using textbooks. It was a series of conversations between a teacher and a student.

> Fast forward to today — The best way to learn is still through conversations. Nothing can teach you better than a smart conversation with a smart partner.

Hear it from the man behind one of the biggest movements in education! Sal Khan

AI will transform education in unimaginable ways! Embrace it or be extinct!

🔮 In the next three years or less, most video-based learning systems will be replaced by conversational learning systems. 🔮

🚨 Here is my prediction of the top three areas that will change the fastest:

1. Language Learning — No brainer when it is so obvious that the best way to learn a language is to converse.

2. Exam prep — Already heavy on tests and mock exams. Easy replacement with personalized conversational systems.

3. Coding and technology -Always first adopters of change. Will merge learning and real-world experience.

Do you agree that conversational learning is the future of education?