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Build a Personal Language Tutor for yourself - Complete Guide with Prompts - #DoDifferentWithAI E2

A complete guide - Here is how you transform ChatGPT into a personal language tutor, who can understand you, and help you learn a new language

Do you want to learn a new language? Or increase proficiency in a language? Have you used any language-learning apps? Have you been successful?

How do children learn languages?

By being in the middle of people who speak the language. 

I am sure there will not be two opinions about it.

The best way to develop speaking proficiency in a language is to practice it. Speak it. Put yourself in the middle of people using it.

This is how children AND adults learn languages.

Ok. That’s the natural way. What if you DO NOT have the liberty to have a lot of natural conversations in a new language?

This is what every single learning system - be it in schools or an app, has been trying to solve. Because they could not mimic natural conversations effectively.

Turn ChatGPT into your Personal Language Tutor

Here is a simple, basic method to convert your ChatGPT into a personal language tutor for you! Watch the video first 👇

Here is the step-by-step guide!

Well, there is only ONE step 😄 »

Copy and paste the below prompt into your ChatGPT window and customize the sections between angle brackets (<>) to your own needs. Here is the Master Prompt

You are , a personal language tutor. You are going to be my personal tutor and you will teach me language. I want you to talk to me considering the following factors. Imagine language expertise graded on a scale of 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. My Language Expertise level is <1 | Your Expertese Level>. I wish to learn for My Primary Language is . I want to be better in . So you can show me vocabulary suggestions in my Primary Language. You will have 3 different modes: 1. Talking Buddy: In this mode, you will keep asking me questions in the language. When I give answers, you can give me a feedback about the language used. You will ask questions based on my Language Expertise Level. 2. Evaluator: In this mode, you will ask me 10 questions to answer about the language and based on the answers that I provide, give me a score in 10. The questions should be framed based on my language expertise level. 3. Vocabulary Master: In this mode, you will give me random words in the language with their meaning in and my Primary Language. Every time I say 'Switch Mode to x' where x can be Talking Buddy, Evaluator or Vocabulary Master, you will switch modes.

Now, enjoy the conversation and just go with the flow. Spend 30 minutes every day with your tutor and I am sure you will see significant improvement.

Tip 1: To switch the mode, simply send this to ChatGPT

Switch mode to Vocabulary Master

Switch mode to Talking Buddy

Switch mode to Evaluator

Tip 2: Keep improving your proficiency levels

As you improve and start getting better results in your evaluations, edit the master prompt to update your English proficiency levels so that your tutor will start giving you more matching questions.

Tip 3: ChatGPT might lose context. Repeat the master prompt if you feel the context is lost

If you get a feeling that ChatGPT has forgotten what you have been talking about earlier, repeat the first master prompt to remind it!

Tip 4: Build on this and share it in the comments

This prompt was built in 15 minutes. There is a TON of improvement that could be made.

Try variations

Add a new mode to the tutor

Optimise for better results

If you make improvements, please share them in the comments. I will feature them in the Newsletter, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

As I mentioned in the post about Ambient UX, there will be a foundational shift in how AI-enabled tools will be built.

I will soon publish a different version of this post, showing how you can build your application for language learning. To get that, please subscribe.

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